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General information on Tramadol
tramadol has been described as a drink that has proven to have many energizing qualities and has been around since time immemorial. It has been mentioned frequently in the Rig Veda and various other religious texts. It has been described as being prepared from the stems of a plant.

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Tramadol is the narcotic kind of pain reliever. It is used for treatment of moderate to acute kind of pain. Tramadol can also be used for other purposes under the guidance of a doctor.
Important information on Tramadol
If Tramadol causes allergy in you, you should avoid taking this medicine. Also in case you are or have remained addicted to alcohol or drugs, you should not take it. If you are drunk or are on narcotic pain relievers, street drugs, medicines for depression or sedatives, you should not take Tramadol. In case you have head injury or seizures history, taking Tramadol can lead to seizures again. This medicine can become a habit. Therefore it should only be taken by the person who has been prescribed for it. The medicine should be taken orally by mouth and it should not be crushed at all. It can be dangerous to inhale tramadol in the powder form or in case it is injected or diluted because it can enter the bloodstream directly leading to hostile side effects.
Before you take Tramadol
As discussed earlier, Tramadol should not be taken if it causes allergy or if you are on street drugs or have history of addiction or seizures.
Tramadol should not be taken if you are on the following things:
medicine for mental sickness
alcohol or street drugs
tranquilizers or sedatives
narcotic pain medicine
medicine for anxiety or depression
In some of the cases, among people who take Tramadol, seizures have occurred. Therefore it is advisable that you talk to your general practitioner about seizure risks involved. Seizure risks while taking Tramadol can increase in case you suffer from:
history of alcohol or addiction;
history of seizure disorder or epilepsy;
head injury history;
metabolic disorder;
if you are on narcotic, antipsychotic, muscle relaxer ,antidepressant, or medicine for vomiting and nausea.
In order to ensure that Tramadol can be taken safely, it is important that you inform the doctor in case of following illnesses:
kidney disease;
cirrhosis or any other liver disease;
stomach disorder;
history of mental illness, depression, or suicidal thoughts
FDA categorizes Tramadol in category C which means that it can harm the unborn baby. Inform the physician if you are or are planning to be pregnant. If all these conditions are considered, Tramadol can be taken safely.

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